Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In a world...

I follow a Facebook page called BALTIMORE COUNTY BREAKING NEWS.  We live in Baltimore County (which, to those of you in far-off Ashtabula, Baluchistan or Kankakee, is a whole separate jurisdiction from Baltimore City) and I like reading the breaking news so I know what's going on.  These people follow the scanner action and the goin's-on of the emergency service personnel, and pass it all along.

Now, this was on their page the other day: 

A story shared with us by one of our followers.
"I don't know if you can show this but this evening my vehicle was on fire at perry Parkway and Joppa rd. I had my 3 small children with me and there was 2 males that stopped and help me. One was a guy in a white pick up truck that had a fire extinguisher that put the fire out and other was a male in a silver Suv that ran over at stayed with me and my children and even let me us his phone until the fire truck and police showed up. I don't know what I would have done if they didn't stop and help me today. I just want to thank them so much for everything they did. It is nice to know there is still some good people in this world that would stop and women that is 9 month pregnant and her children. The one male didn't want to leave us until he knew we would get home safe and left his wife waiting for him in there car while he came and helped calm my children down as well since they were upset."

You see what I'm thinking? Like they say in the movie trailers, IN A WORLD where people of all sorts are killing other people of all sorts for all sorts of reasons...IN A WORLD where natural disasters, some of them caused by manmade disasters, threaten Earth and all its inhabitants...IN A WORLD where the Zika virus is as yet uncontrolled...IN A WORLD where a guy can go into a nightclub and gun down 49 people out of the pure enormity of hatred in his heart, and two weeks later we can't even think of his name, muddled as it is among the names of the other mass slayers or shooters who break our hearts almost every day...IN A WORLD where compassion, caring and helping a stranger are almost unheard of (except as cynical parts of campaign slogans), here they are, right near where I live, just a couple of blocks from the police and fire stations. Two strangers stopping to help a third, and staying with her to the end.  

This is America, the land that I love, the country that is great, and always has been, and always will be. 

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