Friday, July 8, 2016

Let's do lunch

I remember seeing a sign that said "She who dies with the most fabric, wins." Meaning that the goal of life is to collect enough chintz, corduroy, cotton, denim and flannel to make Christmas pajamas for all the grandkids and still leave a big pile of swatches for your family, none of whom have any idea how to work that Singer sewing machine, and will deposit it, along with all that fabric, at the Goodwill, which will eventually have to talk a sewing machine museum into taking it, because no one sews anymore.

But at least, for those who sew, collecting fabric is fun, and a good hobby.

I think it's slightly odd that some people, who have enough money stashed away to buy Christmas pajamas for the entire universe, still get a thrill out of amassing more more more moolah moolah moolah!

I mean, this Warren Buffett guy, whose current net worth is about 63.3 Billion-with-a-B US Dollars, has yet to retire, and he certainly could scale things back a little if he wanted, maybe get a little condo down at the beach and ride to WaWa in a little golf cart to get his morning dark Colombian coffee and a donut and the paper.

But no, he keeps on working every day, and now comes news that someone who wisely chose to remain anonymous is shelling out $3,456,789 to eat lunch with Buffett.  It's for charity, a San Francisco outfit called Glide, which puts out food, health care and services for needy people - the homeless, the financially challenged, those fighting substance abuse.  So, it's for a good cause.  Over 17 years of this event, which was started by Buffett's late first wife Susan, $23.6 million has been raised.  All good.

So if your bid wins next year's Buffet With Buffett (I offer that name for free!), you will be able to bring up to seven friends to lunch at the Smith & Wollensky steak house in Manhattan. You can ask the aging zillionaire about anything EXCEPT what he plans to invest in next, which would be about the only thing anyone wants to hear about anyway.   

It's 50¢ extra if you want bleu cheese dressing.

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