Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, July 16, 2016

 The Clown Motel, with its free internet and welcoming policy for truckers and pets, is in Tonopah, Nevada. I don't care how far it is to the next town and the next motel, and I don't care if this place is full of truckers and yapping chihuahuas.  It's the clown format that will send me down the road.
These are the engines of the Titanic, showing the effects of deep-water immersion for over a century.
Landscapers all over the world, here is your competition!
I believe this is a ring for tying up a horse or some livestock. I like the way it looks, old and rusty but still workable.
With the worst heat of summer coming on, this is the new air conditioning system I am having installed at the house. (It's actually the Russian Soyuz MS spaceship, but I can dream.)
I've always liked kale, but a lot of people don't, possibly because the only way they've had it is boiled for three or four days until it's as crisp as last week's salad.  Try it sauteed in a little olive oil, with a little shredded parmesan cheese, bacon crumbles and croutons.
I've been puzzling over this for several nights, and I still don't get it. Model railroad tracks in a guitar case.  If it makes sense to you, please let me know!
Hi, I'm Red Panda, and it's just too hot to be anything but a bump on this log!


Anonymous said...

That's easy: The guitar case was FREE und the apartment is too small for a real layout!

Mark said...

That must be right!