Thursday, July 28, 2016

Get the camera!

I could easily drone on and on about how this could have been avoided.  You have to figure, if a dryer catches fire (and doesn't that sound like a Dr Seuss book?) one of two things happened.  Maybe there was an electrical fire in the motor, sure, but more likely, the lint trap had not been cleaned out since Clinton was president (the first one.)

So, next time you take a load of fresh laundry out of the Maytag, please check and empty the lint trap. That stuff is combustible!

That's not even what's on what there is of my mind today. Think for just a second about the top picture there.  

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Someone walked by the laundry room and saw it ablaze.

So?  the response to this is:
a) run and call 911
b) grab a fire extinguisher and put out the fire
c) take out the phone, select the camera app and take a picture.

I hope you chose a) or b). Unless you are an insurance adjuster.

I don't get the tendency of some to record everything, take a picture of everything, pull out the camera/phone when a Dorothy-get-outta-Kansas hurricane comes along. The first priority, to me, when a tree falls across the trunk of another car or someone is being swept away by a swollen stream or a fire is engulfing a whole development or rioting breaks out at a Justin Bieber concert or Justin Bieber breaks out, would be to deal with the situation! Grab a rope, or a hose, but just do something!  

Stormchasing  - the art of deliberately going to places where weather is bringing hell to earth - is silly enough, and dangerous, but when you add "taking pictures of Bob while he's driving into the path of the tornado," you lose me. 

First things first, when seconds count.

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