Monday, July 18, 2016

Phi Beta Whatsis

I might have to quit watching the morning news and just stick with reruns of "That 70s Show."

Beside the daily cavalcade of floods, fires and hyperloquacious politicians, I keep seeing examples of people who are supposed to be at the top of their professions, by dint of their superior brainpower, demonstrating that they really aren't much smarter than Baba Booey.

The people who run cruise ships. You would assume they are far above the norm, but a little 8-year-old boy died on July 11 after falling into a pool, found unconscious in that swimming pool aboard the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise ship, not long after the ship took off.

The Anthem of the Seas has 1,500 employees aboard, none of whom are lifeguards.

The people who thought it would be a good idea to come up with a car that drives itself. They were the big shots in the Science Club in high school, you may be certain, but in a country where 92 Americans die EVERY DAY in traffic accidents (33,580 meet the reaper on the highway per average year) in vehicles where, supposedly, sane sober people are driving and controlling the cars, trucks and I don't know what-all else, how can it be a good idea to have cars running around that don't need driver participation? (They call them "autonomous" cars.) A former Navy seal was driving a Tesla car on autopilot in Florida. A semi turned left in front of him, but the car failed to notice this event because the sun was shining and the truck was white. Uh huh.

I humbly suggest that a nation that has secretaries of defense and homeland security and housing and agriculture and so many chiefs and underassistant deputy HMFICs could use a person appointed to be secretary of good sense. This person could just go around and say, "If you have an accessible pool, you need a lifeguard on duty, or put up a fence!" and "Stop telling people they don't need to pay any attention while their cars are in motion! If you're going to drive, then drive, doggone it!"
 And of course, wear your seat belt.

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