Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, May 28, 2016

It's not hard to imagine that the guy in the sign shop can let his mind drift now and then.  What would be nice would be if the boss in the sign shop, wherever this took place, had assigned someone to do a little quality control.
I guess one of the unfulfilled dreams of many lives would be getting to ride in a motorcycle sidecar.  This one might be the coolest one in history!
Dawn over Dubai.  Every day begins with a promise and a clean slate.
Lest we forget, this is Memorial Day weekend, a time set aside to honor those who laid down their lives in defense of our nation. Please don't confuse it with Veterans' Day, thanks.
This is the New York Daily News front page from October 4, 1955, the day after the Brooklyn Dodgers, referred to as "Dem Bums" by disappointed locals for years, finally beat the Damn Yankees and won the World Series.
Picnicking this weekend?  Why not go cheap and try a hot dog with everything?  I see sauerkraut, relish and chili.  Ummmm!
This is the Red Pool in Thailand and no, the water is not red, but the tiles in the pool are.
Just to see what I'd get, I Googled "cute animals."  They are never wrong!

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