Thursday, May 12, 2016

Smile for me

Remember Duane Allman, founder of the Allman Brothers and still-legendary guitarist, even though he died in 1971? Do you know what he is famous for besides those two facts?

Duane Allman refused to pose for pictures. I mean, he would allow people to snap a photo of him while he was otherwise busy fishing or playing guitar or riding in a bus with his brother Gregg. He just did not pose while cheesing for a camera, after he had reached a certain level of fame. Snapshots of him that survive today are just that- snapshots of another era.

By doing so, Duane escaped being a victim of RBF syndrome - and others have not been so lucky.

The Heartbreak of RBF - Resting Beyotch Face - is that the little squint of the eye or pullback on one side of the mouth that gives one that b-i-itchy look so popular among actresses, models, and that cashier at the movies who wants proof of my seniorness.

The whole look involves a certain amount of boredness, a dash of self-satisfaction, and a teaspoon of feeling that the person who is looking at you (usually someone with a camera) is not quite up to your standards, but you will allow them to continue breathing for now.

The trick is to stand there without any real expression on the face and still manage to convey all those expressions without a word.

Leading RBFer, Kristen Stewart
Look at Kristen Stewart.  She looks like earning tons of money for not acting in all those movies is such a drag and she is trying to be big about it all.  That's RBF.

RBF is everywhere...from the floor of every congress and state senate to the cafeteria in every middle school to the chairs where people sit for their driver's license photo.

And of course, there is double RBF, like when Kristen Stewart is asleep. 

Image result for baba booeyThe only known cure is to run up to an RBFer and shout "Baba Booey!  Baba Booey!"  

That makes everyone giggle! 

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