Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It Happened in LA

Yes, friends, you are looking at evidence of the beginning of the total defraying of sense and civilization as we once knew it.

People in California (where they once elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor) are participating in The Freeway Challenge, in which contestants with an inadequate desire to stay alive take their skateboards and mountain bikes out onto the highway, whizzing past cars and trucks and other vehicles that belong there.

The California Highway Patrol - the CHiPs! - is condemning this stupid stunt. "I am hoping it's not a trend that picks up. We want to get ahead of it," said Sgt. Jose Nunez. Nunez points out that besides the horses asses performing this insanity being
at risk, other, sane, drivers are in danger from people trying to get out of the way.

On the other hand, a person named Nakel Smith, who self-identifies as a professional skater, has put a video of himself doing this online. Don't look for me to post a link; I don't want it on my conscience if someone were to see the video and be inspired to emulate this foolishness.

Smith's manager (can you imagine that being your job, the way you make a living? Putting "skateboarder manager" under "Occupation" on your tax form?) says Smith does not want to be seen as encouraging this sort of thing.

Meanwhile, those who do post their videos can count on having the police watching them in an effort to find out who they are and take them to the nearest mental health facility.

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