Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Being There

All I know about celebrity gossip is what spills over onto my ears and eyes as I frantically punch at the remote to stop Access Hollywood from gaining access to my TV, or what I see on the right hand side of Facebook as I look to the middle section with all the cat videos and pictures of people's new cars.

Image result for ozzy osbourneSO maybe I was the last to know that Ozzy Osbourne, who is famous for being a singer of unsingable songs, and his wife Sharon Osbourne, who is famous for being Ozzy's wife, have split up. Sources say he has been running around with a celebrity hairdresser, and, while his look could certainly use some updating, he could do what millions of other Americans do, and go get his hair did and whatever else he needs, without getting horizontal with the woman helping to spruce him up.

Now, being married to Ozzy is not the kind of deal where a wife can expect life to be a constant series of pleasant days.  This is not the first time they have separated, you know.  And Sharon, who is seen every afternoon on the CBS talkfest "The Talk," did not show up for work yesterday.

Which was just following in the steps of Kelly Ripa, who has been on the television every morning for years and years, showing up faithfully day after day....until the day that her show partner Michael Strahan announced that he would soon be joining Good Morning America, which up until now has only usually had three people talking at once.  So four will be better, and it's a big step up for him, and Kelly felt blindsided and did not show up for work for a few days.

And then in Cadiz, Spain,  Joaquín García, 69, recently received an award for his 20 years of dedicated service to the local water treatment plant.  And then when someone went to tell him that he was in line for a nice plaque, they couldn't find him in the office that they thought he occupied.  

Turns out, he was transferred six years ago, but no one told the other office, so he just never showed up and neither workplace noticed that he was getting a paycheck for no work.  So they have fired him and fined him the equivalent of $30,000 US. 

And he doesn't get the plaque, either.

I am retired, so I don't have work to show up for anyway, but let me say, if you have a job, you should go to it.  Woody Allen said, "90% of genius is just showing up," and even though Woody sometimes showed up in places he should not have, he was right. 

Don't let people see they've got you knocked back! Be there! Or, be somewhere, Joaquín!

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