Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, May 21, 2016

I'm sure this is on a T-shirt's all you need to know about being happy in Baltimore. I shudder to recall when a friend moved to Kentucky and was unable to find Old Bay, Utz chips or TastyKakes.  Don't let that happen to you!
The SUV would indicate otherwise, but I was hoping that the tourists who picked up the baby bison in Yellowstone National Park were not people with children of their own.  As you heard, the rest of the herd refused this baby and he had to be put down just because some fool decided to load him up into the Equinox and take him for a ride.
This is how to park when you're an inconsiderate jackanapes. Ted Cruz on his first day back to work.
Best & Co had these crazy looking stores back in the day.  This was the one close to us.
This is a scene from the island of Burano in Italy. I like the colors of the houses.
I spoke up on behalf of oatmeal the other day. I'm a big fan, and you don't have to give me the raspberry to dig into a nice bowl. But please, no Cream of tastes like wet sand.
Teddy and Doyle - the Wilburn Brothers of country music fame - wore the splashy clothes for which the genre was noted. (As opposed to today's country outfit of ratty T-shirt and rattier jeans.) Notice that Doyle's jacket spells out "WILBURN BROS" in musical notes.  And of course, Teddy's says TEDDY on the front. You bet I would wear a suit like this if they still made them!
This is one angry son of a bee.

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