Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Think of the children

This sort of thing used to be shocking when you heard about it over your morning cuppa java...Abby Wambach, retired U.S. women’s soccer star, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence early Sunday morning by Portland, OR police.  

Wambach, 35 and old enough to know better, was released on her own recognizance and charged with misdemeanor DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants).

And then she raced home to write an apology on Facebook:

"Those that know me, know that I have always demanded excellence from myself. I have let myself and others down. I take full responsibility for my actions," the statement said.

"This is all on me. I promise that I will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. I am so sorry to my family, friends, fans and those that look to follow a better example."

I understand that we are living in a day when touching an app on our smart phones will connect us with an Uberdriver who will get you home for like 7 bucks. That's great, and I am not going to recommend the pillory for Ms Wambach for a first offense.  She will go through the system and we hope she will learn her lesson.

Standard booking mugshot
And I see that someone who regularly appears on CNN wrote some nonsense about how we mustn't really want to eliminate drunk driving, and what do they mean by "Drinking responsibly"? (I dunno, maybe just have one drink before getting behind the wheel?)  But then I see the writer is a "personal injury and criminal defense attorney practicing in Pennsylvania and the U.S. Virgin Islands," so there you go.

I just want to say one thing to all the soccer moms and dads who are going to have to sit down with little Delbert and Eustacia and explain that Abby Wambach did something bad. But why
raise children under the notion that athletes and other entertainers are supposed to be role models and examples of how to live? Tell your soccer-lovin' children to follow the lead of Ms Wambach as far as training to play soccer and actually playing soccer are concerned.  And then YOU should be the role model as far as proper ways of acting are concerned.

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