Friday, April 15, 2016

Sheer Stupidity

I know we are told that within every human beats some form of goodness, and that all people are capable of both sin and salvation. And goodness knows, I'm no angel myself. When it comes to the "Thou shalt not" section of the Ten Commandments, I can plead innocent only to not coveting my neighbor's oxen and not killing anyone. And of course, I get a clean slate on the adultery thing, but I have to cop to stealing a thing or two over the years...a kiss here and there, a furtive glance, and the occasional cigarette back in the day when someone would say, "Sure, take one..." 

But, the man you see pictured below is the real true pure example of pure idiotic hell on earth.  He's Wayne Allen Huntsman, who became famous in California for standing in the middle of a fire that he started in a forest and taking a selfie video.

It took a month in 2014 to put out what they called the King Fire, which charred 100,000 acres, burned at least twelve homes to the ground, and ruined life for thousands of Northern California residents southwest of the Lake Tahoe resort area, displaced during the fire and its sooty aftermath.

Wayne Allen Huntsman was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday.So Huntsman, having started the fire, hitchhikes his way to safety, getting a ride with a guy to whom he showed the video of himself surrounded by the flames.  The guy turned him in, and although Huntsman initially denied any involvement, he eventually admitted to the whole sordid deal.  

In a courtroom statement that will echo through the ages as long as the words of woodenheaded simpletons are recorded, Huntsman said, 

"I plead guilty because I did it." 

So there you have it.  The judge gave him 20 years in prison, time enough to make plans for how to pay the $60 million fine he owes when he gets out in 2036.  That's supposed to be restitution for the victims of his unspeakable actions, but they should not hold their breaths waiting to get checks from him.

I remember learning that arsonists sometimes get a perverse sexual thrill out of seeing big fires.  If that was what was in it for him, I hope Huntsman will have many happy memories as he rots in Stateville Prison until Lindsay Lohan is old enough for Social Security. 

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