Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, April 16, 2016

I've never seen a picture that more accurately shows how different generations get their news from different ways.
Nice going, WalMart.  To salute the University of Maryland Terps, they put out a T-shirt with the outline of Massachusetts.  d'OH!
Even Crocs like crocs...
Hello, Fans of Irony!  Hayden Panettiere wanted a tattoo that said, in Italian, "Live without regret."  But the tattooist spelled regret wrong in Italian.  And now she regrets the tattoo.
There never seems to be a presidential candidate whose advisors advise him or her not to pose for pictures eating regionally popular food in an attempt to curry favor with voters. This is Mike Kasich, Republican governor of Ohio, shoving New York deli food down his neck.  What price dignity?
Allergy sufferers don't rejoice as Spring blossoms blossom.
We've been enjoying the Barney Miller reruns on Antenna TV. What a great cast and great writing!
This might look yucko to you, but in Baltimore, french fries and gravy are considered yummo here!

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