Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Instagram Jam

Kristen Johnson (Onondaga County Sheriff's Office)
To become a nurse, one must be a high school graduate, and then go to nursing school before sitting to take a rigorous licensing exam, and then, once licensed, the work is tough and the shifts are long and the duties range from the physically demanding to the positively sickening.   Having been a hospital patient for several orthopedic surgeries, I can tell you, I saw the doctor(s) involved in the dim morning after, but it was the nurses who arranged everything, checked on me, did 101 little and big things to make my stay bearable and send me home ready to rehab.

And I worked with dozens of nurses in my career, all of whom chose careers in public health nursing for the satisfaction of bringing needed health care to people who really need health care. They were dedicated people, and I liked them and respected them and actually stood in awe of their dedication.

I say all this to let you know, dear reader, that I am a huge fan of nurses, all except for Kristen Johnson, of Fulton, N.Y.

If it's true...that she took a picture of an unconscious patient's noodle with her not-so-smart phone and sent it around to her coworkers.

Yes.  This is the blog where we come right out and say the word...the biological term...for the male organ.  Let's be adults and say it out loud!  She took a picture of his dingwallace, his doodle-dasher, his trouser snake, his tallywhacker, his hang low, his schlong, his thrill drill. Nurse Johnson, 27, snapped a photo of this trouser trout and shared it, and now that she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disseminating of an unlawful surveillance photo, she had to give up her license as part of the plea bargain. Johnson chose not to contest the charge of moral unfitness.

You know?  This decision of hers to go into nursing was not made on the spur of some manic moment one day.  It's not as if she tried to get a job at a shoe store, it didn't work out, so she figured, "OK, nursing school for me!"  No, this was a goal of hers, one that she accomplished while, all along, Nurse Johnson had this bizarre...johnson complex...running around in her mind.

I think I figured it all out.

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