Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, April 9, 2016

This picture that I found online carried a caption saying that the new owner of a house steamed off old wallpaper and found this remarkable painting underneath.  WHO??? would cover this up?
Just so we keep our perspective, this shows how many earths would fit into the sun.  My lack of knowledge about the solar system is boundless.
Thanks to my friend Heidi Hutchinson, here's a picture from the good old gangster days.  Smart guys would put fake soles on their shoes that made it appear that a cow had been on the scene of a crime. The pity is that, often, the nearest cow would be arrested, tried and jailed for crimes she did not commit.
Save 'n' print 'n' save it on the side of the time is here again!
This is from a photo array I saw of men bored to tears while their wives kept shopping.  Personally, I am afraid of what I might call out in my sleep, so I don't sleep at Sears.
Breakfast with a smile!
This might have been photoshopped, but it does appear to show a face in the fire.  Eerie!
Have a good time walking this walk across Nelson Rocks, West Virginia.  I'll wait right here.

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