Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, April 2, 2016

Ah! A lovely red-roofed cottage with a lovely view of the Scottish Highlands.  Which makes me ask, why no windows?
This is the ceiling in the Rotunda of the Cleveland Trust building out there in Ohio.  It was a magnificent office building during the golden years of banks making money hand over fist (so that's how they did it!)  But as the economic fortunes of the founding banking firm waned, the building and this great dome sat vacant for years, only recently to come back to life as a supermarket, in the Heinen chain.  So where once upon a time guys who dressed like the Monopoly man lined up to deposit their gold, little Elmo from down the street now goes with his mom to pick up some teething pain medicine for him and a tub of rotisserie chicken salad for her. And do you want to bet, a lot of people don't even look up??
Authentic American hippies from 1969, at Woodstock, man! "Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand," as Hugh Romney, better known as Wavy Gravy, and not known at all by Mitt Romney, said.  Since this was taken almost 47 years ago, and some of these people were at least 25 then, many of them are sitting in the dining hall of a senior high rise right now for breakfast. 
You cannot say anything bad about a fresh ripe tomato!
Today, let's cut all our food into 1" cubes!
I stole this from the facebook page of the great Dyana Neal.  As a font lover, I think it's hilarious!
Many people who watch Anderson Cooper on the news from all over may not know his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, who is 92 now. She was born to the Vanderbilt family moolah and as a child with a $5 million trust fund tucked into her baby bonnet, she became the subject of a splashy custody battle as lurid as anything Anderson covers today...including her mother's twin sister Thelma being the mistress of the Prince of Wales, and little Gloria's paternal aunt, one Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, suing for cu$tody of the little $weetheart. The Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, the wonder America is the envy of the world.
Recent El Niño rain and snow storms in California have helped replenish the reservoirs out there, but authorities say it's not quite enough to call off the water restrictions. Please, before you waste a cup of cool water, remember that Kanye West might need it to cool his overheated ego.

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