Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, March 26, 2016

I have not a single word to add to this wise woman's remarks.
So this is the perfect hat to wear if your bark is worse than your bite.
This is the 1964 Ford Aurora station wagon, which you never rode in, because it was an experimental car that Ford made to trot out some technical advances, such as the seating looking more like a living room and a map display on the dashboard.  You can read more about this show car here.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Doors!

Take away the Savage Death Claws and the stank, and this little skunk is just as cute as a bug!
This is literally a cup of coffee.
Continuing my series of pictures to show on a Saturday morning that will help decide what I get for Saturday's hard to top a nice rack of ribs!

No, the Orioles will still sport their orange and black uniforms this year, but this was a special jersey for St Patrick's Day in spring training.  We all have those shirts we can only wear once a year, right?

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