Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, March 12, 2016

Quick, everyone make sure you're wearing "Saturday"!
I love pointing out (to myself, primarily) that nothing is ever improved by worrying about it!
A Japanese Navy ship, sunk in battle in 1944, was recently explored by a diver who found wine and dining provisions intact at the bottom of the sea all these years later.
I happen to love buckwheat pancakes; I know they are not everyone's favorite but I look for them everywhere!  Why not try a tall stack today?
Deep in the Avava Valley in Israel are old copper mines, believed to be the site of King Solomon’s mines. There is an archeologic dig in progress there, and they are finding bits and pieces of 3,000-year-old organic materials, including seeds, leather and fabric, remarkably well-preserved.  As a matter of fact, if old Sol had bought this shirt from L.L. Bean, they could still fix it up, good as new.
We watched this movie on Showtime - "Big Eyes" - about how a woman named Margaret Keane painted these ubiquitous images of kids with gigantic eyes, but her worthless husband stole her work and passed it off as his own.  We loved the movie. Amy Adams did her usual wonderful job as Margaret, and we were shocked to find it got exactly ZERO stars on the TV Guide. I give it two paint-stained thumbs up!
When you go to a ball game, even a spring training game, you have to pay attention to the game, not your phone. The alert fan here just saved this young man from a ton of facial and dental surgery.
Joining the crowd waiting for the movie about Hank Williams to come out (later this month??), here is Hank Williams III, trying on one of his granddaddy's original stage suits while a cardboard replica of the man who created modern country music looks on approvingly.

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