Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, March 19, 2016

Nature has this wonderful way of camouflaging itself, and it does not have go to outdoor stores to buy "camo gear."  You can't stop looking at this picture until you see what I'm talking about here!

Say hi to Khamprasong Thammavong, who joins us from Los Angeles, California. As you'll notice, he has been good enough to label his eyes for us, but ran out of room before he could get around to tattooing his name on his face. 
Something to wash out your eyes...wisdom from a wise man.
There are people who love Jerry Lewis, and I am one of them.  So is he.  He turned 90 the other day, so let's have a nice loud "Hey LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY!"
There is nothing in this world like a real Maryland-style crab cake. Kansas has better beef and New York has better bagels and Los Angeles has better kardashians, but you cannot top this, except with a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
It's odd that my first comedy hero is Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch) and my musical hero is Jerry Lee Lewis (born Jerry Lee Lewis, Ferriday LA, 1935). They are two entirely different people, but they do share one trait - total self-absorption and egomania to an incredible degree. Each of them even speaks of himself in the third person constantly.  But are they talented? Yessir.
This is Sherwood Gardens here in Baltimore, a couple of acres in the city's Guilford neighborhood where tulips bloom in spring and picnickers eat brie and kids gambol and frolic!  See you there soon!
My review of A Movie We Watched On Pay-per-view Because The Cineplex 27 Is Such A PIA:  Two hearty thumbs up for this one, a nice blend of old guy savvy and young woman smarts. Plus, DeNiro actually takes the time to act, rather than just mumbling and posing.  Perhaps being around the stellar Ms Hathaway inspired him! Well worth the $4.95, Comcast!

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