Friday, March 4, 2016

Quiz time

We haven't done one of these quiz-o-grams for a little while, and someone sent this questionnaire to me and I felt obliged to fill it out.  It's all about things we have done:

Shot a gun: Yes but not at any person so far as you know
Gone on a blind date: Yes, on June 21, 1973, and it's still going on
Skipped school: Yes but the teachers encouraged me to explore the "Open Classroom" program and leave them to teach in peace
Watched someone die: Yes. Not easy to see.  No one I knew.
Visited Canada: No, eh
Visited Hawaii: No (except for a visit to KomoninIwannalayya)
Visited Europe: Nein
Visited South America: Nunca
Visited Australia: No, mate
Visited Las Vegas: No way
Noted Florabaman Ken Stabler, from Foley AL
Visited Central America: Nunca
Visited Florida: Does FloraBama count? Not Disneyville
Seen the Grand Canyon in person: No
Flown in a plane: Yes
Been on a jury: They wouldn't let me serve because I knew the judge, the prosecuting attorney, the defense attorney, the complainant and one of the accused
Got a Swedish massage while in Sweden: Double No
Ate sushi in Japan: Double No
Traveled to the opposite side of the country: I don't even like going to the opposite side of the COUNTY
Visited Washington, DC: Yes
Swam in the ocean: Yes and peed in it
Cried yourself to sleep: You must be kidding
Played cops and robbers: Yeah, see, you dirty rat
Played cowboys and Indians: Yes, Kemosabe
Recently colored with crayons: Yes
Sang karaoke, a solo or duet: No and you should be glad
Paid for a meal with coins only: Sure
Made prank phone calls: Yes.  Is Mr Jass there, first name, Hugh?
Laughed until a beverage came out your nose: Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes
Had children: No
Had a pet: Yes
Been skinny-dipping: yes
Been fishing: Yes
Been boating: Yes
Been downhill skiing: But not on skis
Been water skiing: Yes
been camping in a trailer/RV: NO
Been camping in a tent: Yes
Driven a motorcycle: No
Been bungee-jumping (ripcord jumping): Come on now!
Gone to a drive-in movie: Yes but I'm not saying another word
Done something that could've killed you: Yes but I cheat the hangman
Fallen down a flight of stairs: No
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life: No
Rode a horse: Yes
Rode an elephant: No
Rode a camel: No hump day here
Had cookies, cake, or ice cream for dinner: not without a main course
Been on TV: yes
Stolen a street sign: STREET sign, no. Sign with a giant picture of Sparky the fire prevention dog, yes
Been in a car accident: Yes
Been in the hospital in past 24 months: No
Donated blood: Yes
Gotten a traffic/parking ticket in the past year: no
Gotten a piercing: no
Gotten a tattoo: But I want one saying "I'm the only hell my mother ever raised"
Driven a four-door vehicle: Yes
Owned your dream car: Yes - my pickup truck
Been Married: Yes
Fell out of love: No
Fell in love: Yes (see blind date question)
Paid for a stranger's meal: Yes
Driven faster than 100 mph: No
Written a published book/story: yes
Eaten snails: ¡Mais non!
Eaten caviar: yes, 2 or three times a day
Been scuba diving: no
Been snorkeling: Yes

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