Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Building a mystery

The big whimsical building you see above has been the world headquarters for the Longaberger Basket Company, out there in Newark, Ohio, right in the middle of the basket belt.

(I have to wonder..if there is a concentration of factories where they make devices for holding up men's pants, is that the Belt belt?)

But things have not been going so well for the Longaberger people, ever since wise homemakers found out you could get baskets just as good in quality at Michael's for a fraction of the price.  So they are shutting down this building for good, apparently hoping that it will be an attractive lease for a picnic supply company or a baguette and wine wholesaler.

As a public service, I mention to the Longaberger people that the town of Twinsburg, Ohio is home to Case Industries, a firm devoted to the manufacture of plastic items.  I suggest that the two firms merge, forming a giant conglomerate to be known as Basket-Case Incorporated.

I guess it was a good idea at the time to build a building that looked like what was being sold in the building.  For instance, this building in Ontario, Canada, was built this way to commemorate an 8.0 earthquake in 1812, and to sell tickets to the Ripley's museum downstairs.

And to the right, we see the headquarters for the Kansas City (MO) Library!  Very cool. Nothing says "books inside" like books outside.  

America is the worldwide home for cool architecture, and we are proud of our oddly-shaped buildings!  And to get in the spirit, I am looking into building myself a little shed in the backyard that looks for all the world like a hammock.

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