Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, November 7, 2015

There's a website that shows abandoned things...houses, cars, schools, castles.  Don't you think some royal family could move in here and fix it up nicely?
You might think this manatee is sad and morose, but for all we know he is happy as a clam.  Also, for all we know, he is a she, so what do we know?

There are people with time and expertise enough to carve Bart Simpson on the clay-and-graphite "lead" of a pencil.
Apparently, there was plenty of corn to go around during World War I, enough for everyone to have grits, hominy and corn muffins three times a day.  All right by me!
Buck Owens and the Buckaroos at Carnegie Hall, 1966. left to right, say hi to Willie Cantu on drums, Tom Brumley on steel guitar, Buck on rhythm guitar, Don Rich on lead guitar and bassist Doyle Holly. In 1966, I could not have identified all the Supreme Court justices, but I knew these people by picture.  And I always wanted a suit like the ones the sidemen wore, not a real flamboyant one like Buck had.
I could tell you how great the pizza is at Baltimore's own Pizza John's.  It's a shame that there is a national chain with a similar name, but they sell catsup and cheese on cardboard, whereas Pizza John's is unbelievable!
At this time of year, the only thing prettier than a tree with orange, red and yellow leaves is a stand of bare trees at sunset.
This is one of those albums that I have on well-worn vinyl and cassette and CD and on the iPod.  I add my voice to every one of these songs in my truck with the windows up.  The BEST of American pop rock in the 60s!

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