Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, November 21, 2015

50% of the people who live in our house love accordion music.  I even have a CD called "Legends of Accordion." Nothing beats a squeezbox for fun music, and yet, here's what some people do to a helpless accordion.
Grapes are such a versatile fruit.  They can turn into alcohol (wine) or just a plain beverage (grape juice) but I like them best when they get jammed up with peanut butter on a sammidge.
When the miracle of TV came along, and flickering black-and-white images on a tiny screen were the top of the line in techno, who would have dreamed that in a few decades we could still see football played on a screen that was almost lifesize?
I love the impedimenta of ceremonies, like the giant check that charities receive as donor and recipient grip and grin, and also these huge scissors that they use in our county to cut the ribbons to open a new road that was built solely to help me get to Geresbeck's faster.
Thanksgiving dinner by Rockwell...but does anyone understand why they would carve the bird at the table?  Makes more sense to slice it up in the kitchen and put it on a platter, but that's just me...
A friend asked me for a recommendation for a romance movie. There's never been a better one than "Casablanca," if you ask me.
Traveling this week, are you?  Happy Thanksgiving!  Tell Mr Griffith I said hi, if you meet him on the road...
I've been eating sweet potato pie since before Patti LaBelle was a Bluebell, and for my money, it's better than pumpkin pie any day...especially this Thursday!

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