Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is that a phone in your pocket...

I have to stop for a minute and pay a compliment to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Ann Droid, the people who invented the cell phone.

Tell you why.  We were at a wonderful wedding the other night (Hello, Ben and Samantha!) and except for the professional photographers on the job, everyone was pulling the iPhone and Androids out and snapping pictures like professionals themselves. I don't recall seeing anyone with a real camera camera.

I meant to bring ours, but I left it on the nightstand, where I had put it so I wouldn't forget to take it to the wedding.  And that's the point of cell might like yours, you might hate yours, but chances are, you'll have it with you, right in your purse or pocket when you need to take a picture or send an email or a text message or check your Facebook or send a private FB message or view pictures on Instagram or Snapchat or figure a tip for a server or listen to voice mail or find your way via GPS or listen to a tune or record a audio message to save or see if something is level or check the weather or watch a video.

And like the guy who turns his hat backwards and then needs to use that same hand that put his hat on wrong to shield him from the sun...don't can also use a cell phone to CALL PEOPLE on the phone!

Strange, but true!

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