Monday, October 12, 2015

You never know

Because I feel sorry for the wife of the police officer who was shot to death in Texas on August 28, I don't see the need to name her, or her husband, here.  Perhaps a little respect for her tragedy will help us forget the parts we should, and remember what we should about it.  You may read all about it here if you're so inclined.

You saw this story on the news: the officer pulled into a gas station to fill up his cruiser and was gunned down.  A woman who was at the gas station was seen crying over the officer, saying that he was her "best friend."  

And now it turns out that the woman has been having "consensual sexual contact" with another officer from the same department who has been the lead investigator in the case, until he was relieved of duty last Friday.  AND she says she was having a romantic relationship with the slain officer for the fifteen months prior to his death.

This now casts doubt on whether or not the officer was on duty at the time he went to the gas station, according to prosecutors. Of course it raises the possibility of a romantic triangle.  

And the defense attorney for the man arrested as the murderer says that arrested man was found mentally incompetent to stand trial on felony assault charges in 2012.

What seemed at first to be another random shooting of a police officer now is wrapped in conspiracies and odd circumstances.  

Crime scene surveillance image
And it works both ways.  There are times that things seem all bent out of shape and crooked, and you find that the arrows were straight all along.  And then there are stories like this one.  Please remember, no matter who did what to whom here that may have led up to the policeman's murder, he is still gone forever.  No one deserves that, no one.

It just reminds us of all the times that we find things just aren't what they seemed to be. Sometimes we meet a new friend and they seem to be just a little breeze right out of heaven, only to find that they more like hot air straight outta hell. 

And sometimes that drunken galoot down the street turns out to be a hell of a nice guy.   I don't know what else to say.

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