Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show Special Halloween Edition, October 31, 2015

Halloween parties used to be popular for children, and besides the snacks and treats, there was always some game that involved sticking your mug in a giant tub, hoping to get an apple, or trying to bite an apple bobbing around on a string.  All that work for an apple?
Sending Halloween postcards used to be fun too, so that you and the recipient and the mailman could enjoy reading them!
Homemade costumes just used to be WEIRD!  There's no other way to say it!
Zombies and ghouls and hobgoblins on the big screen.  I would imagine that walking with a zombie, it would take a long time to get anywhere.  They don't scoot along.
"Fun size" candy bars are not really any fun at all.  Go big and give the full size candy bars!
 How do you get into this guy's house?  Use a skeleton key!
I love Sriracha sauce and I like this costume!
Yes, I hope that someday I will find that house that everyone always talked about...the house where they handed out beer to all the kids...meanwhile, Happy Halloween to you all!

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