Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, October 24, 2015

 Here's President Eisenhower throwing out the first ball of the 1955 baseball season at Griffith Stadium in DC.  Fans of the movie "Stripes" will wonder if Yankee manager Casey Stengel is about to ask, "How's it going, Eisenhower?"
A chilly, misty gold-dappled autumn morning.  Can't beat it!
Nature has the greatest way of showing us signs of love. For those of us who can't afford a heart-shaped pool, here's a heart-shaped puddle!
Here's a brilliant use of photoshop technology - inserting Calvin and Hobbes cartoons into real life!
A man was taking a picture of the sunset when a water droplet splashed his camera's lens, creating this diffusion effect...
Taken by a construction worker in New York, someone who gets to appreciate the great view from way up high.
The best movie for everyone who ever got the PC LOAD LETTER error code on their printer, or was told that their boss needed them to go ahead and come in on Saturday...
Just a week to go to get that Halloween shopping done! Goobers, Raisinets, Milk Duds, Almond Joy, B-B Bats, Snickers, Mars...Trick or Treat!

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