Friday, October 16, 2015

Getting Randy in his old age

The Quaids In Court
You remember Randy Quaid, the quirky character actor who was in The Last Picture Show, Independence Day, The National Lampoon Vacation movies, and the wonderful Kingpin. He also did a great job playing Lyndon Johnson in the tv movie "LBJ: The Early Years."  Probably he is best known as Cousin Eddie in the vacation movies...everyone's bumptious relative.  
"It's full, Clark!"

Well, as you might recall, he and his wife Evi took it on the lam in 2010 after Los Angeles authorities wanted them for illegally squatting in a home they apparently could no longer afford.  You know how that stuff works.  So they booked out to Canada, where Randy has worked steadily in the burgeoning field of not shaving his face ever since.  And then they tried to sneak back in here through America's back door - Vermont - and were tossed in the can as fugitives last week, until yesterday, when a judge cut them loose after they made court appearances.  It was the old story...there was a clerical error on a charging document.

I tell you this here and now: that would NEVER happen to me. If I'm hauled in front of a court for aggravated aggravation, every possible document filed will be used later in textbooks, they will be so perfectly typed and filed.

Anyway, the Quaids' attorney says the couple planned to stay in Vermont because Evi's father was sick. A quick check of Hollywood shows that Jack Black is now playing all the parts that Randy used to, although not quite as well. So off they went into the glorious Vermont afternoon, still wearing their prison jumpsuits, headed to an uncertain New England future. 

"I've always known the facts are what they are and that they're in our favor," Randy said. "I've never worried about being found guilty."

Or a lot of things, it would seem. 

Lincoln VFC
Randy also said he hoped to enjoy the Vermont foliage and maybe even join the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Company in Lincoln, where the Quaids plan to reside except for when Randy is down at the fire house spinning tales of his movie star days, and showing the other guys how to empty the commode of an RV right into the sewer. 

I of course totally support anyone who wants to join a volunteer fire company.  I wouldn't trade my days at Providence for anything. But this news story from WCAX TV says that Lincoln only has 8 firefighters on their roster, so Randy would make 9.

Climb aboard that big red pumper, big guy! They need you there!

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