Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, October 17, 2015

This is labeled "A Proper English Breakfast." I will consult with my Experts on England on this matter. The ham, sausage, toast and egg are all parts of my breakfast buffet. Tomatoes, mushrooms and beans are all more lunch-y to me, but what do you think? I'd give this a try any day!  (Need one more egg, please!)

At the first break of dawn, crabbing vessels head out to net the day's catch. By nightfall, crabs will be caught, steamed and seasoned, and served up in restaurants all over our area.  
If you lived here, you would want to balance the great view, especially at this time of year, against the risk of living in a cabin on stilts on a mountainside.  Decisions, decisions.
This Wednesday, October 21, marks the 46th anniversary of the day Jack Kerouac took his final road trip.  His books are still good to read.
Today's beautiful nature scene shows where all the great colors come from...certainly not a can of paint!

This is a TV Guide from 1961, showing Captain Kangaroo, a kiddie TV show host from that era.  Big extra points for the cool old helmet, too. By the way, every now and again, people with nothing better to do with their time pass around a story saying that Lee Marvin went on the Tonight Show to say that Bob Keeshan fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima with him and was the bravest man Marvin ever saw.  But this could not have happened, as neither of them was there at the time. Both of them served in WWII.  And that should be enough anyway!
 "I don't care what anyone says, I want a window in my office!  Now, make it happen!"
This is taking place at a Kroger store in the midwest...they grow mushrooms right there in the produce department.  Next summer, I hear they are thinking of putting in corn.  We shall see...

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