Monday, May 4, 2015

What FONT is this?

Like that kid Brick on "The Middle," I am a bit of a font snob. Most every computer comes loaded with dozens of font choices for your word processing and email needs. So why does everyone just go with the default Times New Roman when they go to do a resume?

The people at Bloomberg want you to use something a little more creative when you write up your curriculum vitae in search of a new job.  And they say, don't use Comic Sans unless you're applying for a position at Clown College.

They recommend Helvetica, which I avoid because it sounds like Velveeta, the "cheese" that needs no refrigeration.

Courier would be great if you are applying to work in an office in 1947, with manual typewriters and large pastepots and office boys running around bringing people cigarettes and coffee and some guy hollering on the phone, "Get me those accounts or don't come back in here, Jenkins!"

That one they call Papyrus is overused, and it's always seen at health food stores and places where they sell every kind of tea to drink but Lipton.

And don't even start on me people using Olde English in ALL CAPS.  This is often seen where people want to look "elegant," and on misspelled tattoos. <<<

My idea, for those composing a resume or opening a new lunch counter where you plan to sell a ton of those sandwiches with Muenster cheese, tomato, romaine and a truckload of alfalfa sprouts, is to see a professional graphic designer.  Or at least, look through the vast assortment of free fonts that came preloaded on your machine.

Would you buy a car from a company that uses a cheesy logo and expect it to run?  Or stop?

All caps? I ain't going!

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