Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Warning! Dangerous Curb Ahead

For those seeking an easy way to make some side money (or front money, for that matter!) I can suggest opening a tire and wheel repair shop.

The State of Maryland, in its finite wisdom, has decided to remove the requirement to demonstrate ability to parallel park a car from its driving test.  It follows, obviously, that driver's education schools and classes in high school will no longer be teaching this valuable skill, and this will lead to people in neighborhoods where there is only on-street parking waiting for 20 minutes or so while Junior or Sis from down the street try to put the Impala away.

And of course, they will slam the poor Chevy's tires into the curb out of frustration when that awful man from down the street who would never purchase any pizzas or cheese or cookie dough to help the annual fund drive at Saint Ronald's School hollered out his truck window.

And that's where you come in, with your all-service tire business. I can't see how you won't become a millionaire by Christmas

I also can't see why Maryland is making it easier for people to get a a driver's license.  And no, this is not my old-guy "I had to learn it and so should you!" rant.  This is just the word coming from someone who has sat in his truck watching as someone made 27 attempts to park their car before zooming off in a huff.  Or a Hyundai.

(But I never hollered.)

The Washington Post's story about this said that a man who runs driving schools is hearing from driving test inspectors that the state wants more people to pass the test. So! Let's not raise the bridge, let's lower the water! Or the standards.

Maryland's future
I guess next, Maryland will say that too many young people who want to be neurosurgeons have had their feelings bruised when a tester reported that they didn't know the difference between a trepan and a bedpan, so they will make the test easier now.

It says here, there should be a test to pass for the people who run the Motor Vehicle Admin. before they can make it easier for someone to drive, which is, after all, an activity that could have fatal consequences for the poorly-skilled.  The test would have one question:

1.  Are you insane?  ____ Yes   _____ No


Mary-Lynn said...

Just another thing to add to the list of things our next generation will not be able to do. Comes right after 'have an actual, face-to-face conversation'

Mark said...

I can verify that 50% of your progeny can carry on an adult-level conversation with grace and charm and wit. And I have no doubt that your son can, as we,,, but I have yet to meet him1