Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, May 16, 2015


As the last of the spring blossoms fade away, I give thanks to the good people at Flonase. I don't mind giving them a free plug in exchange for two squirts of their magic fluid up my nose every morning, squirts which stop my itchy watery eyes, itchy watery nose and itchy watery non-stop whinging about spring allergies! This is from our jaunt to the lovely Winterthur Garden and Museum last weekend.

Harry Shearer says he is leaving The Simpsons, and this time, his annual threat to stop being the guy who plays the voice of authority figures from Principal Skinner to Monty Burns to local news anchor Kent Brockman might be for real.  The show has never replaced actors before.  Phil Hartman and Marcia Wallace both passed away, and so did Troy McClure and Edna Krabappel with them.  Let us pray that cooler heads - if there are any in Springfield - will bring sense to this sorrow.
Two album covers make the list this week...and this one is,
just simply, plain dreadful. Clowns are just too bizarre.  Still, it would be funny if you opened this album and 117 little records came piling out.
Not long after The Beatles released their groundbreaking "Sgt Pepper" album, Baltimore-born Frank Zappa and his Mothers of Invention replied as only they could.   This is thought to be the only album cover to contain a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Everybody say "Awwwwwwww" for this little fox cub who was "adopted" by a collie as stepmom.  Thanks, Lassie!
They say that everything is bigger in Texas.  Here's a photo of a tornado-producing storm cell from down there this past week.
This young lady and her cat both are living with "Heterochromia iridium" - each have two eyes of different colors.  
Of course, the most famous person alive with Heterochromia iridium is David Bowie.  I asked for a picture of him showing his two different-colored eyes, and here's what I get.  See you next week!

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