Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, May 2, 2015

Old-fashioned as I am, I believe that the proper color of a fire engine is white over red, as it was in my fire company.  But from time to time, other fire departments incorporate other colors into the scheme.  This is an engine from the Chapel Hill (NC) FD, where they have decided to give nods to the sky blue of the U of NC Tarheels.
 I love the Book Thing of Baltimore, a warehouse in Waverly with very simple policies.  People donate books, used and new. People come to the Book Thing on weekends and take books home.  For free. I love the clearly stated hours of operation.  Find them online (  These are the hours.  (As the website states, there is a strict rule on how many books you can take home: 150,000 per visit.)
This week's Album Cover of the Week is the last album I bought on vinyl, to the best of my memory.  Things switched to cassette for a couple of weeks and then along came CDs and mp3s.
Orioles pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez is shown here pitching to the White Sox in Wednesday's game, which attracted a total paid attendance of 00,000.  No one was allowed in the ballpark in riot-torn Baltimore as the Orioles whomped the Chisox, 8-2.
If there's anything cuter than a baby rhino galloping along, I don't know what it would be, unless it's a kitten.
George Carlin had this to say about that fake rubber vomit that pranksters used to like leaving around for comedic purposes: Someone was at work, at their desk, when they came up with the idea to make and sell that loathsome thing.  In the same manner, some bigshot at Anheuser Busch thought it would be a good idea to suggest to eager young men that plying their dates with their crappy, watered-down beer would enable them to do the nasty with a woman of lowered resistance.  Class move, beer barons. They've apologized and will come up with something a little better, although about the only thing worse would be an exhortation to commit murder or mayhem.
in late 1939, second-hand furniture dealer (that's what his business card said) Al Capone, of Chicago, came to Baltimore for treatment of paresis — a psychotic dementia caused by brain damage caused by syphilis.  He graciously donated two weeping cherry trees to improve the view around Union Memorial Hospital on 33rd Street (a short walk from the Book Thing!).  One was cut down in the 50s when the hospital expanded; the other is seen here.
And then in February, 2010, Baltimore saw chaos unlike anything we had seen since Oprah left town.  Two blizzards came along...within five days. A large branch of the remaining tree came down, and from that felled branch, a man from Virginia made this bowl, among other objects.  Life really is a bowl made of an old gangster's cherry tree.

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