Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, May 23, 2015

There's something very sad about a ballpark being torn down. This is what's left of venerable old Candlestick Park in San Francisco.  I tell you, sometimes I drive past where Memorial Stadium used to be in Baltimore, and I can still hear the crowd roar.  But it turns out, it's just some impatient motorist behind me wanting me to get moving.
Baseball uniform purists are overjoyed at how many young ballplayers are wearing the old-style stirrup sox, as Adam Jones and David Lough model here. You can't beat the orange and black color scheme, either.
Just so's you know, if you have a baby pygmy hippo over for lunch, serve salad!
This is Mary Winsor, a colorized picture of her, and she was a suffragette in the early 20th Century, working for the cause of women's suffrage, which is to say the right of women to vote.  I still see people writing that they wish to end "women's sufferage," a noble notion, but not a word.  It still boggles the mind to realize that women couldn't vote before the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920.
In the canalways of dear olde London, someone has created a duck lane, which could also be called the fowl line.
This is what happens when you ask an OCD person to straighten up the Ballroom at Kiddieland.
Yes, it is! One pizza dog, coming right up! Makes me think of the good old days when I weighed 140 and gobbled whole pizzaburger subs and washed them down with a quart of Budweiser and weighed 141 later.
This week's classic album cover art is from the great group Love, of which I am a huge devotee. This is their 1967 album "Forever Changes," which was the summit of their achievements before drugs and crime washed them up on Dismal Beach.  The title comes from when their genius leader, Arthur Lee, was breaking up with a girlfriend who told him that he had promised they would stay together forever.  "Yeah," he said, "but forever changes."  Not for me, but anyway...happy Saturday!


Carey said...

Wish I'd known of your fondness for Candlestick, I could have shipped you a souvenir seat! That would have been a fun conversation piece for your backyard. So what now sits where my 'ol Orioles & Colts once played in my '50s?

I LOVE the London duck lane, especially how respectful bikers walk their bikes when passing when 3ft clearance is not possible, maybe car drivers could walk their cars past bicyclists on narrow roads??

Mark said...

Hi Carey! The city and state did a good job turning the old stadium site into useful housing, and there is a YMCA and medical service offices on the site where the Colts and Orioles played.
Across the street, old Eastern High School, my mom's school, is now part of John Hopkins U. I believe it's staff offices. But at least they didn't turn that hallowed ground into a McDonald's or something. AND the old war memorial from the stadium front was moved to a park downtown. Happy Weekend out West, buddy!