Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, February 28, 2015

Of all the National League baseball teams, I always liked the Dodgers best - the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Brooklyn is the most interesting borough in Noo Yawk to me, and here is what it looks like when the sun rises up there.
Speaking of National League baseball, here is the new helmet to be worn by Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton.  He took a pitch to the face last summer, and to prevent that from recurring, he will wear this facemask at the plate this summer.  Notice the stylish "G" in the design!
This is a Picasso painting called “La Coiffeuse,” French for “The Hairdresser,” which was recently found in Newark NJ. It was ripped off from Paris a decade ago and sent to this country. Shipping papers described it as a $37 “art craft/toy,” while its real value is said to be over 2.5 million semolians.  Anyone who can tell me how in the heck this looks anything like a hairdresser is welcome to try.

Remember the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, where she rolled her eyes at the price of a steak before tossing tossing it into her cart?  Well, this picture is about as close as I will be getting to a steak these days.  Holy cow, is beef ever expensive.
You and I have no need for this type of clothing, but look for celebrities to be wearing it soon.  It's made of a special fabric that lights up under flash photography, thus ruining the days of all those paparazzi whose purpose in life is to take photographs of Madonna walking down the street.  That's some purpose.
Good-bye Radio Shack!  I guess there aren't that many people out to buy their own parts to build transistor radios anymore.  There aren't even people listening to transistor radios anymore.
There are two types of people in this world...those who like the sound of wind chimes, and those who spend breezy evenings fuming over the sound of brass or bamboo tubes clanging into each other, like the sound of 1001 tiny auto accidents in the backyard. I guess I'm in the latter category.
Saturday night!  Saturday night!  At the Drag-o-Way - the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick dragster is ready to zip down the quarter mile.
That should be the last underinflation joke from me.

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