Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, February 14, 2015

Let's go the mall! Here's another in what's becoming a long skein of malls all across the nation that are closed forever.  Was a time when "the mall" was the place to be.  Now, it's just a site awaiting demolition so they can build a WalMart, Home Depot and Best Buy on the location. This one is the Westlake Mall in Cleveland. Like all 80's malls, it had a skylight so you could sort of feel like you were still on earth while shopping at ShoeBusters and Listen To This!  Now the skylight has collapsed under the snow, and a photographer came in, along with 80 tons of snow.
Might as well say it right now - you can plan on seeing more cat photos and cartoons here on Saturdays.  We're all about those cats, about those cats, no trouble.

The kid on the far right?  My kind of kid.  I bet he's a great, great man today.
This was taken from a railroad boxcar, says the photographer, who said he is a modern-day hobo, bumming rides on railcars and seeing the country.  This is the Utah-Wyoming border.
It's Valentine's Day, but not everyone has their Valentine by their side. If you know someone who is lonesome today, why not send them a little love?  Someone up in Heaven will appreciate it.
One thing I will never miss about work is the communal refrigerator.
There is no way Jimmy will get in, if you use this to lock him out.
I hope you will.

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