Wednesday, February 11, 2015


As it happens, I love hot sauce and will douse most any food with it.  I like them all, from the run of the mill store brands to the national brands like Texas Pete and Cholula to the more esoteric bottles of liquid hell, made in smaller batches.  Joe Perry of Aerosmith, whose solo career led him to record the great "Let The Music Do The Talking," probably doesn't talk too much when his Rock Your World sauce is dripping off a rib.

I once enjoyed a moment or two of sheer idiotic hotsauce bliss when one drop - one drop! - of Smokin' Tonsils hot sauce on a pork chop made it feel like the top of my head had been trepanned.  But in a good way!

So it came as a surprise when I read that the scientists at Penn State U did a study and found that people "who were most inclined to enjoy action movies, adventure-seeking and exploration were about six times more likely to enjoy the burn of a spicy meal."

In other words, thrill-seekers also like hot sauce.  Go figure. 

But you can't prove it by me that it works the other way.  I'll be glad to stand at the top of the ski slope and watch others fly off toward an indeterminate future.  Wave to me as you hang glide across Snake River Canyon!  And as you descend after jumping out of an airplane, hoping against hope that your parachute opens, I'll be the guy standing there munching on a pit beef sandwich slathered with Sriracha.

By the way, doctors and medics, my doctor told me once that I am that one-in-ten thousand whose tonsils disappeared over time. Year after year, my tonsils would swell up and make it impossible to eat or drink for several days, and then one day Dr Payne looked down there and said, "They're gone!"

Do you think that Smokin' Tonsils did it?

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