Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Check this checklist!

I found this list on the website of radio station KXRB AM, which plays classic country music.  It's my good fortune that their music is available online, or I would have to move to Sioux Falls, SD to hear it on the radio, and that's more than a little bitty way up the road from Baltimore.  1,274.6 miles up the road, as a matter of fact.

From: Baltimore, MD To: Sioux Falls, SD

At any rate, the list was entitled "8 things couples should do everyday," and I won't be snarky enough* to say that #9 should be to use the words "every day" as an adverb in place of the adjective "everyday."

The list is a good one.  Check it out!

Complement each other - I don't know if they meant to say "compliment" or "complement" here, but both of them are good ideas.  It doesn't cost a thing to tell your partner that he/she looks good in that shirt, makes you smile, has a pleasant voice, and so forth.  Pay some compliments!  It helps.  And as far as "complementing" each other, that makes the whole of two people even better than the sum of the two parts alone.  Like when you go to a party - one of you might be the life thereof, and the other might like to help tend the bar or serve the "horse douvres," as they say.  When two people form a likable, versatile twosome, that's something to be around!

Laugh - How can so many people live so many years with so few laughs?  Sometimes, laughter is the only way you're going to get through the day! So when the hose breaks off in your hand and you get drenched, crack a smile and tell a joke about it! "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."  (Proverbs 17-22). "Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport." (Henny Youngman)

Say those three words  - This seems to be a stumbling block for some people, but it means a lot to hear it, so why not tell the person you love  

Notice the little things   - Cal Ripken, Sr, as great a baseball man as there has even been, used to say that practice didn't make perfect, but perfect practice did.  Life is made up of little things that, done well, add up to many great things.  Remembering to stop and fill up the Biscayne with gas will pay dividends when you're rushing to get to the airport and DON'T run out of gas on the Beltway.  When your significant other tucks an special granola bar in your lunch bucket, that makes a difference, so be thankful!

Put things in perspective My friend Lane Smith pointed out the other day that even though she had to clean up a ton of water after the washing machine backfired, she just thought about the time she had to mop up the entire basement when the septic tank backed up.  And as she pointed out..."it sure as heck didn't smell like Clean Breeze Tide, that's for sure. All in all I'd say I'm having a pretty good day, considering the alternatives."  See?  It's a matter of perspective!

Dream big  - I don't play the lottery, but many people do, and they really, deep inside, don't do it because they expect to walk off with 485 million smackeroos.  The fun is in thinking, dreaming, fantasizing about buying that garage to house your 17 new cars and calling your boss to tell him to stick his job, and that kind of dreaming's a lot of pleasure for a couple of bucks.

Share something (Anything, a childhood memory, a movie, an article or an ice cream) - Something about Peggy and me is that we rarely agree on many things, from music (she likes Enya! I like Ernest Tubb!) to TV (she likes Grimm! I like Schitt's Creek) to books (she likes memoirs by people I never heard of! I like Ring Lardner!) but when we find common ground, we celebrate it! Anchovies on pizza, cheering for the Orioles, playing with the cats...shared experiences are fun.

Kiss Come on!  A little sugar makes everything happy.

*Yes, I will.

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