Monday, February 16, 2015

Losing your shirt

It's as American as beer commercials.  At the end of major sporting events (the World Series, the Super Bowl, political conventions) the losing side is always shown on TV, staring blankly with that 100-yard gaze while the winners romp around wearing hats and t-shirts that say they are the champions, my friend. Sometimes if you're lucky, you get to see men or women passing out the shirts and hats from a box just unhidden.  It's great!  Guys are whooping it up, pulling on the shirts, slapping a brand new ballcap on the old melon...everyone on that side is happy.

Meanwhile, on the losing side, glum faces abound. And their great big cartons of hats and shirts remain sealed.  And so do the hundreds of thousands of the ones intended for sale at stores and online.  You realize that each team has their merchandise prepared and ready to sell.  If they waited to see how the game came out before they ordered the shirts and hats from manufacturers, they would lose the sales from fans who, right after the win, are full of Bud Light and hometown fervor.  So both teams have commemorative apparel to wear and sell, but only one team gets to wear and sell it.

I don't know what Major League Baseball does with their unusable merchandise, but the National Football League, which is just coming off the worst year in their history under the direction of the worst commissioner in their history, changed the charity they use to "Get this stuff OUT of here!"  They used to donate everything to World Vision, an organization out of Federal Way, WA, but switched this year to Good360, a group from Alexandria, Virginia, whose purpose is to channel goods from corporations seeking to unload donate inventory to charitable organizations.

Listen, if you have no shirt and you're lucky enough to be the recipient of this shirt,
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you're the new proud owner of a shirt that once dreamed of being seen on the back of a person strutting through downtown Seattle!

At least it's gone to a good use (the league used to destroy these "whoops" clothes!)

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