Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's on TV

Since television watching is such a personal thing, and since there are only about 637 channels available to watch, I am not in the habit of recommending shows or going on about what I watch.  If you like Keith Olbermann as much as I do, you make it a point to watch him every day, as I do, and the same for my Andy of Mayberry reruns and several other situation comedies and situation tragedies.

Yeah.  Act like you're not doing her.
One of the few shows that Peggy and I both watch is "The Affair," and although we have no experience in that field, I can spot a lot of things the cheating couple do wrong, e.g. if your little piece of chicken on the side leaves her red lacy bra in your bedroom, don't try to hide it by wedging it into your drawer along with your boxer shorts and handkerchiefs.  Just dumb.

But if watching television since I was a kid has taught me anything, it's that women wearing red lacy unmentionables are up for most anything.  It's a standard timeworn stereotype, just like scenes with Italian-American families sitting around eating pasta while the father argues with the son until the mother, always wearing an apron, exclaims, "Enough, already!" and the men retreat to an icy silence.

You'd think the people who write shows and movies would have just a teeny bit of imagination, wouldn't you?

The Greatest Talkshow Story Ever Told
One television event that never lets me down will be tomorrow night on the David Letterman show on CBS:  one last time for The Quarterback Challenge with Jay Thomas (and he HAS to tell his Lone Ranger story again!) and the triumphant singing of Darlene Love doing her Phil Spector classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."
Phil and Darlene

The joke and the song have both been heard a million times and still they entertain.  If this will be your first time to hear them, it will be your last chance, so I urge you not to miss it!  This show revived the careers of both Jay Thomas and Darlene Love, and if you don't know why there's a meatball atop a Christmas tree, you soon will.

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