Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, December 28, 2014

Here's a picture from a thrifty homemaker who wisely put up jars of the things we need to make it through a tough winter...
There came a time that I had cataract surgery and was sent home without the proper medications.  Peggy had gone on to work, so I had to put on the eye patch and bandage and the gigantic Elvis sunglasses the doctor gave me and run over to Walgreens.  And then the pharmacist told me I would have to wait 20 minutes. And they had an electric vibrating chair in the waiting area.  So I sat down, looking like a visionless mummy, and hummed along with the chair for about 90 seconds, at which time the druggist called my name and sent me on home, lest I scare any more children.
 I love the way that farmers cut their crops into fun shapes and designs.  It's even more interesting when you realize that very few farmers have airplanes or helicopters to oversee their work - but now they are getting drones!
 There's only one today.  Make the best of it!
What could be sweeter than two foxes exchanging Christmas presents over a nice cup of cocoa?
FedEx last Tuesday.  That package you got from Uncle Albert and Admiral Halsey is in there someplace!
 A World War I poster reminding citizens not to waste paper.  Printed on paper.
Castles Made of Sand thanks you for a wonderful 2014, and a happy holiday season!  See you back here all through 2015, how about it?

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