Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dog days numbered?

Peggy said something interesting the other day about animals having more sense than many people give them credit for.  For one thing, when's the last time you heard a dog arguing with another dog over political matters?  That's a sensible approach.

And do you see cats taking drugs, driving while impaired, or wearing polyester clothing?  I rest my case.

But, animals have soft hearts and often love people who clearly deserve no love. Take the case of Connie Lay, a former resident of Dearborn County, Indiana, who recently passed away.  She was the human companion to a German Shepherd named Bella, and she could not face the Great Beyond without Bella by her side, so she stipulated in her will, according to her attorney, Doug Denmure, that upon her passing, Bella was to be euthanized to join her up in the clouds.


This sort of thing is what keeps my head spinning.  "I love my dog so much, I want her to die" is not a charitable outlook, but there is hope in this case.  People are trying to get the dog to a safe place, to forestall the legal action sought by her former owner.

If Bella could talk, she'd surely say, "Thanks a lot, Connie."

But, just to make us all feel better about people in this Holy Week, here's a story  about a woman named Megan Asadi, a waitress in Herndon, Virginia, a single mom and recent refugee from Iran, who was "tip bombed" $1200 on a $128 check.

The people who leave these large tips remain anonymous, but they seem to have enough moolah to pass some around, so let's wish them good luck!  And for the servers I know and love, I hope they come your way soon!

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