Friday, December 26, 2014

Two things I wonder about

I wonder why...when a consumer has an issue with a product or a company that sells the product, he or she can write and phone and camp out in their lobby and do just about anything to get the problem addressed...but when that consumer is asked by Amazon to rate the product, and they write an honest review that tells what's wrong, the company calls within 18 hours, begging for a chance to make everything right?

I needed a keyboard for the computer; the old one was all gummed up, and when you pressed a key it would stay down for a while. Not good.  So, I saw an exact replacement for the one I wanted, and ordered it from Amazon.

What I got was not an exact replacement. The old one was the "quiet" sort of keyboard and the replacement was not, and the old one had a picture of a 1/2 moon, which would put the pc in sleep mode.  That button wasn't there on the new one.  I can still put the computer to sleep in either of two ways: by pressing the Windows button and choosing sleep mode from the startup menu, or by telling one of my tired old jokes for the umpteenth time.  The one about the English hitchhiker ought to do it!

So Amazon asked me to write a review, and I did so honestly, saying that I did not get the keyboard that was pictured in the ad and that I wish I had.  That was late one night.  By midafternoon the next day, my cell was lit up by a phone call from an ENY (Excited New Yorker) who wanted to know what they could do to get me to take down the negative review.  I suggested that they could find, and send, the right product.

Still waiting.

Another thing I wonder about.  These little quizlets on Facebook, in which people dare each other to "think of a word that starts with a D and ends with a B"...are they for real?  Does anyone really have to stop and ponder this?  That's really dumb.  Some lives are too drab.  Just a little dab of fun ought to help!  But I don't want to be a dweeb about it.

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