Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, December 20, 2014

My last worksite, the Health Dept headquarters, was a vast cubicle farm in a huge building.  My goofy face sits atop a 6' 5" frame, so it was no surprise for many coworkers to look up and see it looming over their cube wall.  Good morning!
A nisse is a creature in Scandinavian Christmas folklore.  Here's an easy way to use up some old logs and make a cool holiday decoration!
I plan to print this and keep it handy for my many Google searches.
These are hand-painted by people with very talented and skilled hands.
You can't get that real charcoal flavor by cooking something in a microwave.  Even if it's just a squash or something, charcoal adds so much, and asks so little.
This little nocturnal marsupial is a Western pygmy possum.  So what is doing up having his picture taken during daytime?  I hope he puts in for overtime.
I can't see enough beautiful Christmas decorations.
Baltimore has a fine tradition of firehouse Christmas train gardens. This is one of the best anywhere, at Engine 45, whose quarters are at Cross Country Boulevard at Glen Avenue.  They are open 9-9 daily until January 4, and it's worth the ride to pile everyone into the Biscayne and ride on down there to see the setup.  The firefighters start putting it together every August, and the hard work is on display every holiday season. 

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