Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, December 6, 2014

I know bananas are good for me, so I eat half of one every day at lunch.  This is not easy, because if the banana is even slightly ripe, the taste puts me off something awful.  I had a Spanish teacher from Colombia who said he would not eat a banana that was not green; that's all they know down there.  I am waiting for the person who will grow a banana that tastes like bacon.
You know this town.  You love this town.  You've been here a million times, at least in your mind.  This is the set for Main Street in Mayberry, courthouse and all.
All right.  It's almost 2015, so this is what happens when a guy in Houston gets stuck in a traffic jam: he sends his drone aloft to see what's up ahead. Soon there will be no more traffic reports on the radio; we'll all simply launch our own drones.  I can't stand it.
When we think of Utah, we think of...growing watermelons?  I don't know...
This is my picture from the Yuletide exhibit at the DuPont family's Winterthur Mansion in Delaware.  This is the butler's dining room, where he could have his meal while the DuPonts chowed down in the next room.  But, if the DuPonts needed hot sauce or another oyster fork, they just rang a bell to summon help.  The butler and his family were smashing their eats in these used chairs, ready to jump up.  I suppose they entered the dining room and said, "You rang?"
My Dad was in the Navy in World War II, so I have no idea what Spam tastes like.  He vowed never to eat it again, having had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for three years.
Someone said the Orion mission to Mars cost $370 million, and someone else said, no, it was $370 Billion with a B. Really, when you're wasting that much money going to other planets when we can't seem to act right on the one where we were born, what's the difference?
Tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day, the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Oahu.  Note the date that the picture of the USS Arizona memorial was taken.  You never know.
You can usually catch an Ida Lupino movie on TCM every couple of days.  She always played a poor but classy girl who wouldn't mind being a little bad.  Here she was, in real life, doing a lot of good in World War II as a Lieutenant in the Women's Ambulance and Defense Corps in her native England.

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