Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, December 13, 2014

Nick Markakis was an Oriole rightfielder for nine years, and his departure via free agency this winter was a bit of surprise to the many fans who figured that he and the team could get together on a new contract.  But that didn't happen, and Nick will be playing ball for the next four years in Atlanta, his hometown.  What was not a surprise to us fans was that he was classy enough to take out this ad in two pages of the Baltimore SUN Sports Section this week to say thanks and goodbye.  Good luck, Nick!
A solid glass ball left in a sunny window creates a magnification of the sun's rays, so don't do it! It could potentially cause a huge fire.
For your collection of weather-related photographs: This is the oldest known photo of a tornado, taken about 20 miles SW of Howard, South Dakota, August 28th, 1884.  Rumor has it, it was taken by Jim Cantore.
If you've never done this, try it at your next dinner party or corporate get-together.  Take a nice loaf of bread, cut off the "lid," and toast it for a few minutes to anneal the inner surface, and then ladle in some cream soup or oyster stew and you've got something!
Someone was talking about the rock group Foo Fighters, not knowing where the name of the band came from.  It was from this comic strip.  Smokey Stover was a foo fighter in the local foo department.  The puns, the sight gags, and the inevitable "NOTARY SOJAC" sign kept me laughing for years.
Down in Shreveport LA, they are just finishing filming the movie about country music deity Hank Williams, Sr.  This is the recreated wedding cake from the scene in which Hank marries Billie Jean Jones Eshliman, baked by Faye Fair, the lady proudly posing here.  See the article from the local paper and see how much it looks like the original cake, and plan to join me at the theater next summer when "I Saw The Light" comes out, because if they are this painstaking about a wedding cake looking like the original, imagine the whole picture.  Then we'll all go around saying, "I saw 'I Saw The Light'!"
This is a recently discovered painting from late 1969, called "Crosby, Stills and Nash arrive at Woodstock on horseback."  I know great art, by cracky!

Pro tip for those of you getting your first kettle-style grill from Santa Claus:  don't pay any attention to the people who tell you to scrape the burned-up goo off of it.  That's where the real smokey flavor comes from!

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