Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, September 6, 2014

Here is the official logo for this year's World's Serious.  Who knows where it will be played, except that it won't be in Boston ha ha.
How are ya, 5-0?
Have you wondered why you see first and third-base coaches wearing batting helmets as they prepare to pat the butts of baserunners and tell them how many outs there are?  It's because, from local retiree Don Scott to noted rapper Half A Dollar, celebrities are throwing out the "ceremonial first pitch" at ballgames all over, and the only person with no chance of catching the ball is the man standing behind the plate.  Baseballs fly every which way when in the hands of the unskilled.
There's a chance that this isn't the least-appealing dinner ever plopped down on the card table, but you can't prove it by me. Just Google "1950s food" some night when you have time and no appetite to lose.
The Buddy Holly crash site is near the corner of Gull Ave and 315th st, north of Clear lake, Iowa. The crash site is 1/2 miles from the street sign shown in the photo. Note the eyeglasses used as a marker!
The county tore down my old junior high school, the beloved Towsontown Junior High, and I found a couple of old pictures I had saved from the days long ago.  Here are some of the guys in my homeroom in shop class.  Our work was sold around the state along with products of other state-supported institutions.  Many of the guys I went to school with went on to enjoy lucrative careers fixing things, such as cars, horse races, and trials.
And here we see the young ladies of my class in Home Economics, learning to make simple frocks and chemises for our annual spring dance.  Oh, how we danced!
Fall will be here soon!
I thought this would make a nice wallpaper somewhere, as the summer sun dapples a majestic morningwood tree.

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