Thursday, September 4, 2014

Approaching things Gingerly

If you want some wise outlooks on life and the human condition, just talk to someone who's dealt with humans for a long time.  I was a young firefighter when an old police officer told me that you could pay some people $700 a week (that was some righteous money in those days!) to work as pie tasters, and sure enough, they would complain, "Cherry again!  I had cherry LAST week! How come I never get blueberry?!"

I bring this up to say that for the entire time she has been on the Good Morning America show, first on the weekends and now on the weekdays, we have found Ginger Zee to be quite enchanting. She's the meteorologist, she delivers news of massive storms and twisters and high pressure systems homing in on Omaha and she seems to love that stuff.  She shows up twelve hours later on the nightly news and she hops into airplanes to chase storms from the head of the Colorado River to the last toe of the Florida Keys, and she brings zest and zeal to the weather.  And she's pleasant about it, and she shared her wedding this summer with viewers, and she doesn't seem to take the non-serious stuff too seriously.  

She does make the point that she is not a "Weather Girl," which sounds awfully much like what they called women in 1957 who did the weather with a puppet or a monkey or a guy dressed up in a gas station outfit.  Meteorologists are college-educated and skilled individuals.  

Recently, proving once again that even famous people have to deal with the Beavises and Buttheads of the world, people with a keyboard in front of them and not much behind them but sad, lonely lives.  When a guy with no face wrote to try to make her feel bad about her face, our dear Ginger had the perfect response:

So Brian?  You feel better now?  Hope not.

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