Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, September 13, 2014

If I ever had a boat, I would have named it something awful, like "Titanic" or "Sinker."  Good thing I have no nautical inclinations.
Sorry, vegans, vegetarians, and everyone who doesn't enjoy a good hamburger now and then.  A nicely-grilled hunk o' ground beef on a tasty roll with grilled onions, a pickle or two, a slice of yellow American, and whatever else you like...sometimes, it's just the perfect thing!
You know how happy it makes some people when Spring comes bursting out?  Well, that's how giddy I am about Autumn, with its lovely colors and crisp air and everything smelling and tasting pumpkin-y.
There was a fellow named Graig (yes!) Nettles who played for a few big-league baseball clubs.  Nettles is famous for saying, while a member of the 'Bronx Zoo' Yankees of the 70s,  "When I was a kid, I wanted to join and the circus AND play for the Yankees. Lucky me, I got to do both!"
So I can set this up in my own kitchen, and make big-time bucks peddling iced raisin donuts at restaurants, grocers, drugstores, cafeterias and plants?  We have all of them close by!  I'm gonna be rich!  Rich, I tell you! I always wanted to get to the top of the donut game, and now, here's my ticket to Easy Street!

Down by Baltimore's Patterson Theatre, now known as "El Teatro Patterson," someone made a pretty cool bus stop.  I'll see you on the upper section of the 'B.'
It was a cool summer here in Bmore.  We got plenty of rain, and the lawns stayed green and lush.  Now the trees are just starting to change, and soon from garages to sheds to basements all over town, you'll hear the annual question: "Where did I leave that rake last year?"
It's been a fun week, so Thank You!

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