Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sign right here

You know something? You don't have to be a genius to be a famous person.  I've met my share of famous people and they are just people, only famous.  

Taylor Momsen signs for the
grandfather of one of her fans
We tend to expect too much from our celebrities. Take autographs.  A ballplayer or singer or movie actor can sign his or her name two dozen times for people thrusting paper at them hoping for a handwriting sample, and that's fine...until their ride or dinner or whatever arrives, and they really have to go, and cousin Emmaline doesn't get an autograph, and suddenly that person is more evil than the leader of ISIS, and everyone hears about it forever.

Last week, Adam Jones of the Orioles ballclub found himself in a mini hailstorm of complaints.  It was "Social Media Day" at the ballpark, and a group of fans with an extra 50 bucks spent it on a meet-and-greet opportunity with Jones.  Apparently he made some jokes that did not go over so well with the crowd, and then the time was up and he had to go get ready to play the ballgame, and suddenly he's got a problem.  People tweeted about his jokes not being funny and the tv stations responded by interviewing people who weren't there for their opinion about what happened, as if they knew.  

Adam Jones is paid (well) to play baseball, and that's what we should expect him to do.  If you want to hear a comedian, go to a comedy club.

While I'm handing out the advice, here's some for the celebrities. (I'm an equal-opportunity advice-dispenser).  Famous people, many of you have wonderful bodies, and you work hard to keep them that way, and they photograph very well.  But when you store your nekkid images in The Cloud and some hacker gets a hold of them and plasters them all over the internet, you shouldn't be surprised, you know.  

I almost think you HOPED it would happen!  

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